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Other Sales Tax Services

Request for an Advisory Opinion

Although the research process is a common approach to determine the answers to the taxability of
business transactions or if exemptions are applicable, there are instances where the best way to
address tax concerns is by requesting an Advisory Opinion. An Advisory Opinion is a request for a
written response from the Nevada Department of Taxation to clarify tax positions.

Southwest Sales Tax Solutions, LLC will review your concerns, and prepare the Advisory Opinion in
the prescribed format required by statute. An Advisory Opinion may be prepared in the name of your
business, which serves to bind you to conclusions arrived at by the state in the opinion. An advisory
opinion may also be prepared on an “anonymous” basis, which has the advantage of not disclosing
your identity in the event it is determined that tax exposure exists.

Voluntary Disclosure

If your business is not registered for sales and use tax, or improperly registered, a Voluntary Disclosure
may be the course of action to take to establish compliance with all sales and use tax filing laws. In
some instances, businesses which are not registered and meet certain criteria and come forth to
voluntarily disclose tax due in good faith will have the associated penalty and interest waived if the
state has not contacted them first. The tax reporting period for voluntary disclosure is the greater of 8
years, or the time returns have not been filed, and is non-negotiable.

Southwest Sales Tax Solutions, LLC can explain the process to you to give you a level of comfort that
this is the best course of action. We can prepare the voluntary disclosure in the manner prescribed by
law. This include completing all application materials necessary to establish the appropriate
registration for sales/use tax and working with the Department to help ensure the best outcome

Sales and Use Tax Compliance Outsourcing

Southwest Sales Tax Solutions, LLC provides complete outsourcing for your sales and use tax compliance function. With a focus on identifying and adopting best practice methodologies specifically
suited to your business activities, Southwest Sales Tax Solutions, LLC relieves you of the burden of filing
deadlines, and lowers internal labor costs. In addition, a review of capitalized assets and non-resale
vendor invoices are reviewed each month for proper use tax accrual.