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Sales and Use Tax Research

Sales and use tax laws and regulations are often confusing, contradicting, vague and always changing. Keeping on top of sales tax rules and interpretation of regulations by the state may affect your business and can be a very frustrating process. In addition, it is likely your business may not have the resources required to research and understand sales and use tax issues thoroughly.

Calling a state tax help line is not a sensible way to receive assistance for sales tax questions. The person answering your question may misunderstand your concern, or not have all the facts to properly answer your question. In addition, oral advice is not binding in the event the answer relied on is incorrect and causes an assessment from an audit.

Southwest Sales Tax Solutions, LLC approach to perform sales and use tax research contains the following steps:

  • Discuss concerns to establish the facts;
  • Review Laws, Regulations, and other Authoritative References for guidance;
  • Develop conclusions and make suggestion and recommendations;
  • Documenting findings.