Published Articles

The articles below were published in The Silver State CPA, the professional journal of the Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants. They are in .pdf form and appear as originally published.

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“Penny Wise, Pound Foolish…” (November 2011)

“Why Are They Picking on Me?” (October 2011

“When Enforcement Lacks…” (June 2011)

“A Word About Nevada Sales Tax Exemptions…” (May 2011)

“Transportation, Shipping, and Handling – Oh My!” (March/April 2011)

“Ringing in the New Year Right” (February 2011)

“Lessons Learned in a Recent Audit” (December 2010/January 2011)

“Streamlined Sales & Use Tax Wants You! Should You Enlist?” (November 2010)

“Streamlined Sales Tax Project: An idea whose time has arrived” (October 2010)

“Got Nexus??” (September 2010)

“Streamlined Sales Tax Project: Coming to a State Near You!” (August 2010)

Faster Than a New York Minute…You Owe Sales Tax on Phantom Sales!” (July 2010)

How Increased Sales & Use Tax Enforcement Can Help the Budget” (June 2010)

“The Devil is in the Details…” (May 2010)

“Are You Prepared for a Sales and Use Tax Audit?” (March/April 2010)

“Sales and Use Tax” (February 2010)